Redshield is a framework designed and developed to address the most common financial reporting and analysis of critical parameters.


  • Robust design that is easily customizable and scalable
  • Powerful Dashboard features, CFOs, CEOs and Finance users can see financial score card ratios, P&L, Balance sheet, Trends, Accounts payables/receivables, Ageing Analysis, YTD Revenue Performance etc, on click of the mouse.
  • Drill down the view data at account level, Customer Level etc.
  • Data cubes- Slice & Dice your financial data for critical analysis
  • Incorporate industry best practices , Developed using advanced tools and technology
  • Experience your customized first version of REDSHIELD up& running within 8-12 weeks!

User Group

Typical users whom Redshield can assist

  • CEO’s
  • CFO’s
  • Financial analysis

Monitor KPIs using RedShield

  • Balance Sheet Reporting & analysis
    • Liquidity Ratios
    • Cash conversion cycle
  • AR and AP Reporting and Analysis
    • Most desirable Customers
    • A/R Turnover Ratio
  • Income Statement Analysis
    • Sales Performance
    • Profitability Ratios
    • Operating Margin
  • Cash Flow Analysis
    • Foreign Exchange impact
    • Average Daily Balance

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