Green Apple

BI in Healthcare

Faced with heightened focus on consumer-directed healthcare, cost reduction, compliance and increasingly complex processes, healthcare providers and starting to embrace the idea of using information to their advantage. While the healthcare industry has historically been slow to turn to Business Intelligence (BI) tools, leading practitioners now realize data is at the heart of informed and precise decision making that can ensure their organization's success.

Green Apple

Green Apple is a Business Intelligence framework for hospitals developed by NRIT. Green Apple offers the healthcare industry Business Intelligence software to report, analyze and monitor vast amounts of data through a Business Intelligence architecture that helps healthcare organizations reduce costs, ensure quality care and maximize the value of information.

Monitor KPIs using Green Apple

  • Finance Analysis
    • Financial ratio analysis
    • Revenue Analysis
  • Patient Care
    • Patient wait times
    • Hospital induced infection
  • Claim analysis
    • Plan Comparison
    • Response time Tracking
  • Lab & Diagnostic reports
    • Lab reagent report
    • Lab Utilization report
  • Pharmacy reports
    • Inventory Management
    • Prescription analysis
  • Human Resource report
    • Recruitment analysis
    • Payroll Management


  • Perform summary and detailed claim analysis
  • Provide reporting and analyze clinical data
  • Perform operational performance and cost analysis
  • Simple patient record tracking with detailed information
  • Provide a complete view of services, sales, Marketing and other information
  • Provide full insight into resource and human capital management

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