What is Enpower?

Enpower is the most highly efficient, easy to use, cost effective web enabled business solution available, which seamlessly integrates all the functional units, work force, suppliers and customers enabling relevant business information exchange, which is critical for the overall effectiveness of the organization.

With our prior experience in implementing these business solutions in various business environments we have packaged solutions, which can be customized as per the individual customer’s requirements.

Why Enpower?

Built with best of the business practices to improve efficiency, competitiveness and profitability of an organization. Made available as workflow automation with intranet/extranet framework.

An Enpower achieves its purposes by providing a small number of common but very generalized software tools of great power and flexibility, rather than a large range of discrete specialized power tools that cannot work effectively with each other. Enpower therefore mechanisms for harmonization and integration.

Features of Enpower

Enpower is formed by linking the various pieces of information and communications technologies that an organization owns or uses; interconnected in such a fashion that all the resources of the organization are readily available to anyone who needs them, wherever and whenever they are needed. Enabling optimal utilization of 4Ms – “Men, Machine, Material and Money.

Enpower weaves together three essential components; tangible resources such as computers, intangible resources in the form of data and, most important of all, the experience and knowledge of people within the organization.


  • Approaches to research
  • Selection of methodology
  • Sampling

Benefits of Enpower

  • Enterprise Unification
  • Employee Productivity
  • Financial gains
  • Reduction in operational and information costs
  • Reduction in communication, interaction costs
  • Increased information efficiency
  • Low technological implementation
  • Ease of use

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